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The highest result of education is tolerance - Helen Keller

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September ( A15, A16, A17)

In September 2017, "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" Primary Schoolin Razlog started very intensive work on the project "Tolerance Europe".

1.Тhe students were familiarized with the purpose and activities of the project.

2. А team of students was formed.

3. A school site was created.

4. Information about the scope of work of theschool project was sent to the local media.

5. We purchased the necessary materials for work.

6. The special "Erasmus+"corner was created.

7.All students worked with great enthusiasm. They made interesting posters, drawings and illustrations.

8. We created brochures to share information about the project work.

9. The Polish partner created a Facebook group and prepared the initial questionnaire and observation forms. (A23)

October (A18, A19)

In October we received the questionnaires about the other partner countries and our work was mainly with them. We prepared our students (mentally) for the tests.The purpose of this activity was to establish the level of knowledge for other countries at the beginning of the project and to compare it to the level of knowledge at the end of the project.Some of the tests were difficult for our students. The reason for this is that our students are very young and do not have enough knowledge about the countries. The Test results are good. There are some tests with 100% correct answers - tests about Poland and test about Bulgaria. The results was discussed at the first transnational meeting in Poland.

For the meeting in Poland, we prepared a presentationon the topic "My Country, My City, My School".

The students took pictures of our city and school.

We recorded the disc presentation for each partner.

We also made а presentation about the education system in Bulgaria and recorded it on disk for each partner.

Tests work pictures:

November ( Transnational meeting in Poland, A20, A21)

In November, we started preparing for the first meeting in Poland.

The students' activities were related to the drawings about tolerance. Тhe goal was to select the project logo. The drawings will be discussed at the meeting with the other partners.

The students prepared more new materials for the corner “Erasmus”+.

On November 16, we celebrated The Day of Tolerance with a lot of excitement.

The students prepared colored hearts made of paper and passed them on to their classmates with the words: "Be good, be kind”. We also sent virtual messages of Tolerance on Facebook to all our partners.


Between the dates of Nov 29th through Dec 12th, the first transnational meeting between the partners was held in Poland. During the meeting, the following activities were carried out:

  1. Each country presented a slide show on the topic : "My country, my city, my school" as well as a short presentation of the educational system.

  2. Discussion about the results of the students' tests.

  3. Discussion about the project evaluation.

  4. Preparation of the framework of the common website.(A22)

  5. Logo suggestions.

  6. Discussion about sending Christmas cards.

  7. Discussion about the next meeting in Italy.

  8. Discussion about creating “Tolerance questionnaires”.It was decided that each country would write 2 or 3 questions on the topic of Tolerance. The whole test will be prepared by the Polish partner.

  9. Signing the partnership contract.

In December, the students made greeting Christmas cards for the other participants in the project.With joy and enthusiasm, they cut, glued, coloured and wrote wishes in English.

All the students were very excited to put the envelopes with their cards in the wooden mailbox in front of the post office.


In January, the project website was ready. Logo suggestions have been uploaded to the website and submitted for voting. The deadline for voting was 11.03.2018.

Тhe Italian partner created a platform for the project in eTwinning.

We received the “Tolerance questionnaire” from the Polish partner and started working on it. The questions were interesting and the students had to be very careful with the answers. Some of the questions were difficult for our students because of the students’ ages. With the help of a long and comprehensive explanation, they were able to complete the test.


In February, we started preparing for the upcoming meeting in Italy. The students had to prepare the “Tolerance dictionary”, containing vocabulary words about tolerance both in Bulgarian andEnglish. They added a drawing to each word. In this way, the children learned many new vocabulary words about tolerance.

One of the advantages of this dictionary is the fun the children had while illustrating the translation of each word, as well as the large format that allows the learning of these words to be enjoyable. The main goal is to teach children the basic vocabulary words related to tolerance and to help them understand their meaning.


March 1 was Zero Discrimination Day, an annual worldwide event that promotes diversity and recognizes that everyone counts.

The students from the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Primary School in Razlog expressed their sympathy for the initiative to achieve understanding. On this day, the 3rd gradestudents prepared some informational posters with the purpose of building and developing tolerance and mutual understanding. They also exchanged different colour butterflies with each other.The symbol for Zero Discrimination Day is the butterfly, widely used by people to share their stories and photos as a way to end discrimination and work towards positive transformation. The students decorated the windows of the school with beautiful butterflies and told the other children about the importance of that day.

Meeting in Italy

The meeting in Italy took place from 11.03 to 17.03. 2018. Our friendly hosts were colleagues from the school in Formia - Scoala "P. Mattej", Formia.

Five children and three teachers from St.St. Cyril and MethodiusPrimary School visited the town of Formia.

Three of the children were accommodated in the families of children their own age. They met their "foster" families from Italy and were greeted in their homes where they had the opportunity to learn about lifestyle in Italy.The other two children andthe teachers were accommodated at the” Grand Hotel Fagiano Palace”.

In the hall of the school, the Italian children presented a rich literary and musical program with subtopic "Tolerance through my eyes". The program was filled with many interesting activities that inspired our students to prepare songs and poems for the upcoming meeting in Bulgaria.

In the following days, the students visited various archaeological sites-„Castellone tower “, “Cisternone” in Formia, museum of Sperlonga and Tiberio’s house and the”Colosseum “in Rome. We were impressed by the architecture of this wonderful city .Our students learned a lot about the life of ancient Romans.

During the excursions, the children had the opportunity to speak in different languages,which was quite fun.

The lesson on the beach of Vindicio “Let’s sail a boat” was very exciting. The children were sailing and the experience was amazing.

We had the opportunity to visit classes at the Italian school.The Bulgarian group visited 4th grade.The students worked in a team. They made beautiful cards and they were all young peacebuilders. They played together in the gym.

The last day was our working meeting (workshop). We had a discussion about the next meeting in Bulgaria.

In the evening there was a great party. All teachers and students danced together under the sounds of Italian music.

There were tears at our departure. They were farewell tears, but also a symbol of our new true friendship.

The official language of the project is English, which gives our children an excellent opportunity to improve their communication skills and use English in real-life situations.This project gives children the opportunity to get to know the lifestyle, culture and traditions of different countries, to build lasting friendships with their peers all around the world.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

On March 21st, teachers and students from “St.St. Cyril and Methodius” Primary School in Razlog will celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Promoting tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect for diversity in the context of combating racial discrimination is the most-important goal in our project – “Tolerance Europe”.

A lecture was held with students to familiarize young people with the importance of the World Day to Combat Racial Discrimination.They were aware of the meaning of the word "discrimination".We discussed how they can prevent discrimination and not discriminate against others. The students were shown pictures of different cases of discrimination.

Students listened to the new information with interest. They learned new lessons of tolerance, understanding of our differences and respect for human rights.

"No one should be treated unfairly and unequally because of his gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship.

Today, more clearly and higher than ever, we all have to say : “No!” to racism and discrimination!”

The motto of the day for 2018 was : "Tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect for diversity".

After the lecture, our students made a poster and put it up in the corridor of our school.

The poster was a message to all students and teachers:

We mustn’t forget that we are all people, regardless of the color of our skin. We must unite as people and respect each other.No one chooses their skin color, parents or where they were born. No one has to be judged or humiliated for his race.Let's not forget that the world is big enough and there is space for all of us.If we support one another, the world will be a better place to live.


In April, we began a feverish preparation for the upcoming meeting in Bulgaria.


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