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March was a month of an increadible adventure for us! The six themost hardworking students and two teachers from our school (the Primary School in Krypy , County Wierzbno) flew all the way to sunny Formia in Italy as the participants of the project Erasmus+. The subtopic of the the meeting in Italy was „ Creating together”.

In Poland were actively involved in our project, so in Italy we finally had a opportunity to meet up with the students from other project countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Italy. There were 42 students all together. It was an amazing experience since we all worked on the film „ Tolerance in my eyes”. While creating the film we pracised our language skills as we communicated in English only. We tackled the issues of tolerance and respect towards other cultures and nationalities in our work. Soon the film will be available on our website.

At the time of being abroad we went to the Italian school where we took an active part in the lessons. During the art class we created the beautiful pictures of Formia. The other exciting part of our stay in the Italian school was a dodgeball match Poland – Italy. Our team lost but we still had a lot of fun!

In addition, our Italian hosts prepared a lot of attractions for us. We did some local sightseeing – we saw very interesting mediewal towers in Formia and our fantastic guides told plenty of interesting facts about the history of ancient Romans. We went to the Archeological Musesum of Formia where we admired the huge statues of Roman heros and gods. The beautiful town of Sperlong with its mediewal architecture made a big impression on us! Moreover, we did a lot sightseeing in Rome. We saw the breathtaking Colloseum - the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire and the Forum Romanu - the oldest public square and market place in an acient Roman city. We climbed the Spanish Steps and had some delicious ice cream by the famous Trevi Fountain! Finally, our hosts had a surpize for us - we had a sailing class on the beach! We spent a fantastic day learning how to safely have fun on the boat.

The most interesting part of our trip was the time we spent with our wonderful host families who had us over for a couple of days . They introduced us to Italian traditions and custom, their tradditional food and daily routine. We had a very good time together and became friends!Experience of living together was unforgettable as the Italians put a huge effort to make us happy and satisfied . We realized that some of our customs are different – Italians have never heard of pizza with ketchup but we were very surprized that they eat Nuttella for breakfast every day!!!! We are not the same but we still can get along well and work on our project together

It was an amazing journey. We have experienced increadible kindness and woderful hospitality of our Italian friends. We can’t wait for our trip to Bulgaria which is taking place in Bulgaria in May.


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