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The highest result of education is tolerance - Helen Keller

You are here: Are you tolerant? Tolerance Europe – initial questionnaire for the students

Tolerance Europe – initial questionnaire for the students

1.The word " tolerance" comes from the latin word " tolero" that means " to endure" . Do you agree with the idea of tolerance as endurance of someone's ideas, culture, religion and habits?

a) No, because tolerance means accept and not bear someone whom I consider different from me

b) I don't know!

c) Yes, because I accept totally someone different from me in ideas, religion, habits and culture .

2. What's the most unbearable difference for you?

a) Religion, traditions and culture

b) Religion

c) There are not unbearable

3. There is a new a student in your class with different skin color that the rest of your classmates who often make fun of him for this reason….. What do you do?

a) You laugh at him too. He is different from you , so it is ok to make jokes about his skin color.

b) You don’t laugh at a new student but you do not do anything to help him either. It is not your problem. The others bully him , not you.

c) You reach out to a new student in a friendly way…... You tell your classmates they should not laugh at the boy because he looks differently.

4. You classmate is very nice but she doesn’t have as much money as the other classmates in your class. Her clothes are not as nice as the clothes of others. She can’t afford the expensive gadgets. What’s your attitude towards her?

a) You stay away from her because she doesn’t belong to your circle of friends. You don’t really get friendly with people who don’t have a fancy phone or trendy clothes.

b) You like her but speak with her secretly, so the others don’t know that you are friends. You don’t mind her being poor but it would be shameful if the class knows that you like her.You treat her like you treat the other classmates.

c) You talk to her during the recess, play with her, and visit her from time to time after school..etc. She is one of your friends

5.You are on an airplane, when the person next to you requests that you switch seats with someone else for religious reasons. You:

a) Refuse. Why should I be the one who moves ?

b) Are annoyed, but I'll do it as long as I get moved to a good seat.

c) Are happy to do so. Anything to make someone comfortable

6.Do you think immigrants should learn the language when they move to a new country and use it the majority of their time?

a) Yes, they need to adapt to their new country;

b) They should attempt to learn it while also preserving their own;

c) Not necessarily. They should do what is right for them;

7.Your friend is going through a hard time and asks you to attend church with them. But the church is not of your religion. Do you go?

a) No, I'm sorry. I'll take my friend out for Sunday brunch afterwards instead

b) It would depend on which religion the church belonged to;

c) Of course. My friend needs me;

8.You have a Syrian friend -who is a refugee in your country- what is your attitude towards her ?

a)You don’t accept her as your friend, because she is from a different nationality.

b)You don’t need to talk to her. You know she will move to another city or go back her hometown.

c)You try to keep her company. You can understand her feelings; so you help her learn your language.

9.A new student comes on your class. She/he is of a different religion. What do you do?

a)I never interact with him/her

b) I wait for a with before interacting with him/her c) I try to interact with him/ her from the very beginning

10.You classmate is disabled and has some difficulties at school . What’s your attitude towards her?

a) You don’t help her, because that’s teachers’ responsibility

b) You help her from time to time when you are asked to that by teacher

c) You help her since your class decides to take turn to help the student. It’s a part of your school routine .


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