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Conference on tolerance 28.02.2018


On 28th February 2018, a conference on tolerance took place at our school. Pupils from the I-III grades of gymnasium and pupils from the VII grade of primary school met psychologist Aleksandra Iwaneczko-Kresa and pedagogue Hanna Roguska-Rońda from the Counselling Centre for Psychological and Pedagogic Problems in Wegrów. The aim of the conference which was conducted as part of the Erasmus + program was to develop an attitude of tolerance and to counteract the lack of tolerance. The participants with the support of the specialists sought to answer the questions:

What is tolerance? What is the difference between tolerance and putting up with something? What is the lack of tolerance? How should one oppose the lack of tolerance? What does it mean to be tolerant? Be tolerant - is it difficult? Do you always have to be tolerant? Are there any limits to tolerance?

What behaviors should not be tolerated and why?The participants tried to identify the features of behavior typical for the young people. They gave examples of behavior that often meet with intolerance but do not deserve it, and behavior that must not be tolerated. The discussion was very interesting, supported by examples of tolerance and intolerance in Poland and in the world. Tolerance means accepting faith, culture and customs of other people, even if they are different from ours. Every person deserves respect - regardless of skin color, place of living, social position or appearance. Everyone has the right to a dignified life and happiness. Everyone is one of a kind, unique. This uniqueness makes the world beautiful. It is worth considering whether our views, words and actions do not hurt others. Only then can we consider ourselves tolerant. It is also important to oppose all forms of discrimination. The participants came to the following conclusions: Tolerance does not mean consent to any behavior. Expressing objection is not a sign of intolerance. One has a duty to protest against evil. One must not tolerate behavior that can be dangerous and harmful and can threaten health and lives of others.Consent to everything is tolerance which is wrongly understood .The discussion about tolerance, even in such form that took place at our school, may help us to look at other people with understanding, help us to see "others" and yet the same as us.





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